Wednesday, March 2, 2011

tear me up

kate winslet may not be the beloved cate blanchett but kate with a 'k' is seriously admired. i once lived in a cottage in north london alongside a family that kept four arabian horses. i would stroke the horses and watch them get fed food (that looked a lot like the food i eat) and it smelled so nice to be around their stalls and see them out in the field.

'destiny' was a huge dark brown arabian who was truly majestic, especially when she rolled on her back in the grass. she'd stand up, shake herself off and looked stunningly regal. 'saleema' was a smaller arabian who won my heart. no matter how groomed she'd be, in no time at all she'd have hay in her bangs, grass on her back, and the gal just reeked of triumphant freedom.

that's how i see cate/kate. they are both phenomenal actresses. blanchett was so funny in 'coffee and cigarettes.' she glows with a golden light. she is surely brave but winslet is FIERCE.

image from 'revolutionary road'

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