Tuesday, March 29, 2011

smooth operator

70 soundtrack credits and three nods at acting. bryan's last role, as the guy with murder on the mind in 'breakfast on pluto' was the only actual big screen film. he was very convincing as that creep.

bryan ferry is a terrific songwriter who has never felt the need to hide his adoration for the beatles and bob dylan. i think this is commendable! he continues to suavely sing his way into many hearts and charm his way through interviews. this son of a miner seriously shook the soot from his custom tailored suits and the world of music is classier for it.

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nipper said...

omg!! that is like rock and roll royalty credits- thanks to pal's inclusive factoids! and yes, bryan soot's unearthed this parable/ be true and be classier for it!