Saturday, March 5, 2011


75 191 2011 hike! the beautiful 'boy with the green hair' grew up into one heck of an actor and today is his birthday. dean stockwell turned 75 which may seem like a big number but it is not when compared to the amount of work the man has done. 191 screen credits!

“I did some drugs and went to some love-ins. The experience of those days provided me with a huge, panoramic view of my existence that I didn't have before. I have no regrets.”

hipster forever. wiki says: He is also a friend of musician Neil Young and designed the album cover art for American Stars 'N Bars. Together, they directed Human Highway, which Stockwell also co-wrote. The title track from Young's 1970 album After the Gold Rush is based on the title of a screenplay written by Stockwell.

not only has this actor given us lovely performances ('sons and lovers' is my personal fave) but he is tight with shakey!

photos: don't mess with dean/with actress paticia gozzi/handsome devil/best album/worst cover

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