Saturday, March 26, 2011

electric blue

it's 'crawl out of the woodwork' time now that the great elizabeth taylor is out of her physical stress. so much elizabeth love is floating around in the form of images and tattle telling. i doubt anything we see or read will alter our own personal affection for her.
whether people choose to imagine her collecting funds for her foundations, picking out heavenly pets, or reuniting with the man she said she'd marry for the third time were he still alive, she touches us.

so, thanks to lots of new images surfacing, i found what i believe to be a very good illustration of the greatest movie couple of all.

no need to question the quality of this movie. in this beachy love triangle elizabeth is charmingly shooting to be contemporary while burton is doing his consistent best in yet another struggle with morality. it's worth shaking the sand out of your shoes.

1 comment:

nipper said...

liz and richard at their prime and probably at their most primal beings during this period of their relationship?

thats the vibes i get from this sexy hot poster!