Tuesday, March 15, 2011

feast your eyes


this episode is not only down right elegant, but it has a cast of only two. right up my alley! if i did not know that the most darling man in movies, robert montgomery, was her dad, i might guess that the wonderful actress susan hayward was her mom.

elizabeth montgomery will forever be etched in one's mind as 'samantha' from 'bewitched.' before they poured a bucket of bleach on her head and kitted her out with diaphanous witchy wear (when not in housewife mode) she was an absolute stunner of a brunette.

in this episode of 'twilight zone' there is almost zero dialogue. this one moment in her career proves that elizabeth montgomery would have been a terrific silent film actress. i am not exaggerating. watch it and you will agree.

photo: her costume rocks and looks like it had been designed by vivienne westwood.

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Bryan Rutt said...

One of my favorite actresses ever, and one of the best Twilight Zone episodes ever. Great post!