Tuesday, February 1, 2011

here, there, and everywhere

the same person who turned me on to the band 'pedro the lion' gave me a copy of 'brokeback mountain.' in both cases, i had no interest. after 6 repeated plays of ' Priests and Paramedics' i softened cause that song is fantastic.
so, i sat down to watch a movie i did not really wish to see (i did that with 'the station agent' and really liked that one) and there was heath.
i think this is the movie people love the most from him. he was lovely in this role and i realize the film itself was important and beautiful. i also know that actress abbie cornish owned another heath ledger film called 'candy' whereby you can watch a version of heath that may ring more true. it matters not. what remains is the memory of the belief in a sweetheart of a guy.

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