Sunday, February 20, 2011

fakin' it

remember when 'martha' calls out "party! party!" in 'who's afraid of virginia woolf'? well, this is one of those parties.

watching 'revolutionary road' made me wonder what leo and kate were feeling when it came time to promote the movie. then again, 'what goes wrong' is not a new subject. dismal outcome aside, they both seemed genuine in their performances and i feel sure that is what they were promoting.

there are definitely highlights in this movie that is not so much a retelling of virginia woolf as a little bit of an homage. if you loved watching burton and taylor hanging on my a bare thread you will recognize moments from that film here. interestingly, the actor who played the neighbor in this movie also once played the george segal role in 'who's afraid of v.w.' on stage. his name is david harbour and he was so special in this sad slice of surburbia that we can thank him for the few sparks of tenderness this movie offers.

what can be done when everything 'he' says bruises and everything 'she' says baffles? 'act' like it's all okay.

photo: unknown/'the wheelers' in the false bliss of an impossible dream/hanging out while making the film.

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