Thursday, January 20, 2011

what's it all about, marnie?

i know 'north by northwest' and 'psycho' are the big winners in the hitchcock poll. i did like the first one but not enough to own it. i have never seen the second.

something about 'nxnw' is too fussy/stylish yet i adore 'marnie' which is very stylized. if 'strangers on a train' is my fave bxw hitchcock movie, 'marnie' is my fave color feature. sean connery is absolutely dreamy as the kind, curious, committed husband of a true psycho tuna, played beautifully by tippi hedren.

an extra bonus to this film is actress diane baker who is determined to prove just how unbalanced our tippi truly is. love, determination, ownership, and the sad truth of a parent's sins falling upon/within the head of a child.

not one to rest on her laurels, tippi has six movies in production right now.

photo: marnie: a thief in wool clothing walking away with the cash.

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