Saturday, January 1, 2011

what's her name

a film has got to be pretty good to not leave us wishing we knew the name of one of the lead characters. i suppose in this case the big print (the title) giveth and the small print (the entire film) doesn't taketh away. in the case of 'rebecca', the title of the film is no more than a memory that haunts everyone, making for great drama and mystery.

joan fontaine is just such a little jewel in her role as the young second wife. never has anyone tried so vulnerably hard to fill shoes they know are way too big. olivier is just lovely as 'maxim' and i can watch this film till the cows come home.

Maxim de Winter: I can't forget what it's done to you. I've been thinking of nothing else since it happened. It's gone forever, that funny young, lost look I loved won't ever come back. I killed that when I told you about Rebecca. It's gone. In a few hours, you've grown so much older.

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