Saturday, January 29, 2011

top of the pops

the 2010 masterpiece theatre drama 'downton abbey' is fabulous. every character is interesting. the actors rule. maggie smith is as excellent as ever.
aristocracy and their troubles co-exist with servants and their loyalty. this small screen treasure is sumptuous on the eyes and full of enough wickedness to keep you wishing for the good souls both upstairs and downstairs.

one of the highlights is discovering the actress michelle dockery. i have read that she played the part of 'eliza doolittle' (from 'pygmalion') on the british stage. if dame wendy hiller had not already owed that role in my heart i would take a moment to imagine just how good michelle might have been.

i recommend this.

images: the amazing cast of 'downton abbey'/michelle dockery/the three sisters of the saga

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