Wednesday, January 5, 2011

main man

i really adore this guy. he is just a lit from within sort of actor. warren's just always so willing to please. the other day i discovered an early (1965) film he starred in called 'mickey one.' beautiful black and white cinematography, a few lovely faces, and not too interesting story aside, it was dismal.

however, in one of the more intriguing roles was mr. dorian gray himself, actor hurd hatfield. a bit older but still looking wonderfully strange, he played the owner of a fancy nightclub. warren, believe it or not, was playing a stand up comedian on the run from the 'mob.' hurd took meetings while sitting in his pristine office drinking fresh juice. he actually delivered the line, 'do you know what organic means?'

some bad movies are truly special.

photo: 'mickey one' aside, here is a cool poster from one of the great warren beatty films.

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