Tuesday, January 18, 2011

lest we forget

Michael Cimino pronounced [ˈtʃamɪnəʊ], (that was helpful), went down with the ship. how many captain's can say that? well, they'd be past hearing.

i have not seen 'heaven's gate' but the story behind it is as interesting as the few scenes i have watched. 'united artists' (the film company created by chaplin and pickford) never recovered from this one movie. after a gorgeous reign whereby classics were made, cimino's folly led to the company being sold. it is a story that hollywood still dissects.

it was the '70's. i am sure egos were seriously tripping. how can i not imagine piles of cocaine on everyone's desk? still, there was a movie that came out before 'heaven's gate' called 'the deer hunter.' that sweetheart won 5 oscars.

talk about a sophomore slump.

photo: John Cazale, Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro in 'the deer hunter' (1978)

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