Sunday, January 16, 2011

he's the man

'in 1984, a major Japanese magazine conducted a national poll; when the results were in the actor Toshiro Mifune, at age 64, was declared the winner of the ‘Most-Japanese Man’ competition – singled out from all Japanese males, past and present, over the nation’s known history.'

so many guys have turned me on to cool actors. i was living in london when i was taken to see a mifune movie up in hampstead. i totally got it and i got why the guy who took me got it.

i guess toshiro deserved to be voted the most adored 'man's man' simply because he's the one guys aspire to be like. there are countless adjectives to describe this actor's mojo, but all you need to know is he will blow your mind. too intense to be 'bond' and too wild to bring home to meet the folks, he is the stuff of which dream are made, and he made plenty. he has 182 screen credits.

images: do not be fooled. all this warrior needs is about a handful of shuteye to take on the world/look how great this 'samauri' looks in a suit.

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