Saturday, January 29, 2011

dropping the 'the'

jesse eisenberg has 22 screen credits and convincingly plays a rookie. i have only seen him in 'the social network' (a few times) so i can but imagine this actor in other films. i trust he will not go on to only play the awkward and misunderstood, though sincere, person from now on. he could easily win our favor should he do so.

everyone knows how big 'facebook' is. what i now know is just how terrific the film version of its rise to world domination is. all the actors are swell and considering i tend to only watch classic films, it was a treat to jump into the precise style of director david fincher.

this film could have been called 'about a boy', but that's been done. it could have been called 'about a girl', but that is perhaps simpy the motivation behind facebook founder mark zuckerberg's efforts. i did not go to college and this movie would not encourage me to do so. i found the movie to be insightful, entertaining, and far from draining. i can't know if college life is any of those things.

dang, i had no idea anyone could type that fast.

photos: jesse/the brilliance (with Joseph Mazzello)/the beauty (with rooney mara/and the bored

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nipper said...

well you sure did get that insightful thought process typed fast! you did take typing :) thanks for sharing your thoughts. just watch jesse on snl last night and i thought: what a versatile talent...