Saturday, January 15, 2011

in the eye of the beholder

for my birthday last month i bought myself an out of print biography on gloria grahame. she is just so mysterious! that lisp and how she makes all the guys nervous.

the most interesting thing is how hard she worked on her lips. forget about lipstick. we all know how odd it is when the lipstick crosses the outer lines of the mouth. our gloria not only committed that crime but she drove her directors nuts by insisting on putting cotton under her upper lip. it took constant attention and her tireless execution could hold up the crew. she was simply not satisfied with what nature gave her.

gloria was ahead of her time. these days one trip to a cosmetician would take care of her insecurities.

grahame and bogart are super in 'in the lonely hours.' so much of the film is cool. bogart gets to play a 'psycho tuna' whose brow is temporarily soothed by grahame and i have a feeling he got his share of messy kisses.

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