Saturday, December 18, 2010

gimme silence

i am not a spoil sport. honest. the other night i watched this film, not for the first time though i had little memory of it. how is it possible that it is so highly rated!

garbo's star is the brightest of them all. she is positively transcendent. why i do not enjoy watching melvyn douglas is my problem. it is unbelievable to me that men's wives stray from the path to be with him. that aside, watching garbo laughing her heart out in this movie actually feels strange, but not in a good way.

my favorite greta films are from the silent period. the leading men were as gorgeous as she was. this is not the first time she laughs on screen (her joy in 'camille' is heaven) but i think that is how this was marketed in its time.

ain't it fun to not give a rave.

images: greta circa 'ninotchka'/terrible poster

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