Wednesday, December 29, 2010


winona ryder was very smart to cast angelina jolie as the wacked young woman in 'girl, interrupted.' even if angelina stole the show, it is to winona's credit that as a producer, she chose well. the entire casting is tops.

winona drops in and out of the public eye. as she is in the new and much applauded film, 'black swan' i figure she is poised for a nice new page in her up and down career. so, who is she about to make a film with? charlie sheen. perhaps there is further to fall.

winona has 46 screen credits. even if she is incapable of delivering the fire of jolie, surely someone ought to be able to place her in a role she can bring to life in her unique way. perhaps she could play an outcast who roams the northwest reciting really good poetry to her shepard and gets a lift in the back of a pickup driven by a high profile literary agent who is on the run from.... played by jolie!

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