Wednesday, November 17, 2010

velvet goldmine

He declined the honour of a knighthood on three occasions, but was appointed CBE in 1956 and became a Companion of Honour in 2001.

the stunning actor paul scofield won my heart last year when i finally watched 'a man for all seasons.' considering he has only 38 screen credits, he clearly lived upon the stage. lucky theatre goers. the man illuminates goodness and his rich voice is like hot cocoa.

lately i have been watching the british drama 'martin chuzzlewit' without sign of stopping. it is a fist class production and scofield is so lovely as the elder 'chuzzlewit.' i recommend it highly.

photos: scofield/with ralph richardson/vanessa redgrave/susannah york


GonzoQueen said...

I've been tracking down recorded performances of Paul Scofield. If you'd like to find out about them and learn more about his life and career, please visit

pal shazar said...

thank you! he is so elegant.