Saturday, October 23, 2010

roman ping roman pong

the funniest scene ever. geniuses all around. nabokov, kubrick, and the ridiculously hysterical peter sellers in the role of 'clare quilty.' everyone loves 'lolita' (except some people) and i only hope they find their way from the beautiful book of lost souls to this masterpiece of cinema.

regarding 'quilty' and the man who put peter in the pajamas:

'So with that, I’d like to thank James Liggat whose brilliance needs to be recognized once and for all, for he has silently labored in the shadow of the looming genius of Kubrick to humbly bring you a character whose innumerable guises in Lolita represent one of my favorite film characters of all time: Quilty!. Enjoy.'- jim groom

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