Wednesday, October 27, 2010

lulu in (and out of ) hollywood

“There was Louise Brooks, for instance. Charming girl, Louise. Pretty girl. Clever, too. People liked her in Hollywood - those who could understand her. The others thought she was cold, haughty, and upstage. But there was no doubt about her ability. Nobody asked her to leave, she just left. The siren of Europe called her and held her. She went to work for Pabst in Berlin - at a salary at least double what she received in Hollywood, but I am naive enough to believe sincerely that it wasn’t the salary that holds Louise in Europe. Fundementally it is the fact that at heart, she is European.

‘Louise’, said Herr Pabst, ‘has a European soul. You can’t get away from it. When she described Hollywood to me - I have never been there - I cry out against the absurd fate that ever put her there at all. She belongs in Europe and to Europeans. I do not have her play silly little cuties. She plays real women, and plays them marvelously.’”

- Cedric Belfrage

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