Wednesday, October 27, 2010

in praise of men

Clarence Brown told the cinema historian Kevin Brownlow, "Tourneur was my God. I owe him every thing I've got in the world. For me, he was the greatest man who ever lived. If it hadn't been for him, I'd still be fixing automobiles." Brownlow reported that Brown had tears in his eyes when he made this confession.

maurice tourneur was a french filmmaker who, before working in theatre, was actually an assistant to the sculptor rodin! his son, jacques, also left an amazing legacy including directing 'out of the past', a movie that includes one of cinema's most memorable lines:

'baby, i don't care.'

clarence brown was garbo's favorite director. i love him too. perhaps he was as charming in life as he was on film.

he received 38 oscar nominations, lived to be 97, and directed garbo in 7 films.

photo: making 'anna christie'

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