Saturday, October 9, 2010

greatest of them all

thelma ritter could deliver any line and give it weight. as 'margo's' assistant in 'all about eve', she wise cracked her way through the entire film. when 'margo's' fella is about to leave for hollywood he asks if she has a message for tyrone power:

'just give him my number.'

it was years before i understood that reply. i had yet to see tyrone power's films. it did not take long for me to adore him. everything i have read about him makes me respect him. the man had grace for miles:

“After playing my first scene with Norma Shearer in “Marie Antoinette,” I quietly pinched myself. Any one in my shoes would have done the same.”

“I discovered on reading the script that I had to kiss Miss Shearer in the opening scene. Rather, she had to throw her arms around my neck and kiss me. I was supposed to act dumbfounded. I didn’t have to act.”
-Newspaper Article by Tyrone Power, 1938

ain't he lovely?

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Mrs. R said...

Fabulous, thank you and so gorgeous in Marie Antoinette as he was in so many movies. You may remember Barbara Cartland's remark: We didn't need sex, we had Tyrone Power.