Tuesday, October 19, 2010

dream lovers

didn't we all swoon when this image was featured in vanity fair?

the movie 'francis' is very good, very upsetting, and the vehicle that brought sam shepard and jessica lange into each other's arms. (they are in their 27th year together!) the empress of actresses, kim stanley, played the uptight and controlling mother who really appeared to be clueless when it came to her destructive wishes for her child.

jessica lange is a noted photographer.

photo: bruce weber.

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nipper said...

indeed, kim stanley was sooo excellent as the clueless mommy (watch out little sister) who lived out her fantasies at the cost of her daughter's emotional struggles.(sister is there a fire? yes sir officer its in my eyes?) absolutely adore jessica and sam right up there with liz and richard and william and myrna.