Monday, October 18, 2010

big brother is watching over you

even if i go on and on about john barrymore, that does not mean i don't value his older brother lionel. it was lionel barrymore who gave a stunning performance as the alcoholic dad in 'a free soul.' look at this terrific cast:

Norma Shearer
Leslie Howard
Lionel Barrymore
Clark Gable

they were all excellent. i just found out something that will sweeten my next viewing of that film:

After doing extra work in such films as The Merry Widow (1925), Gable moved to New York where he became friends with Lionel Barrymore. Years later, Barrymore arranged for Gable to test at MGM, but it was a disaster. After a second screen test at MGM (again arranged by Barrymore), Gable won a contract.

team barrymore!

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