Tuesday, October 19, 2010

becoming joe gillis

when adolf menjou told young william holden, 'you're brash, you're fresh, and your hair's too long', he left out 'you're gorgeous, you're awkward, and your sexy as heck.' however, stanwyck was thinking it.

last night i watched 'golden boy' for the first time. the great cast, very good story, and the jaw dropping beauty of actor william holden, was enough to satisfy. still, there was something very noticeable that left a bigger echo. holden plays a wanna be boxer who has had plenty of experience in the gym. he also has been playing the violin for ten years. you'd think all that physicality/musicality would give the man some grace with his hands or on his feet. it did not.

i have never seen such a high amount of anxiety jump off the screen before. it is baffling yet beautiful to witness his nervousness. i really do not think it was written into the part as much as written into the actor. it sort of hurts and makes you feel vulnerable right along with him.

you can see the seeds of the actor who would one day snap his way through 'sunset boulevard.'

photo: holden loves music but menjou can't relate to giving up the ring for a violin

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