Saturday, August 28, 2010

stay gold

last night i watched the silent film version of 'oliver twist' starring jackie coogan in the lead role. the entire film is wonderful and jackie really surprised me in that he was both darling but not pretty, so young but so great. having worked with chaplin in 'the kid', the third of his 135 screen credits, had to be enlightening and the little guy was just terrific.

as 'oliver' he could be terrified or hang lifeless as a kitten pulled up by it's neck. jackie did tons of t.v. work as an adult and even though i read that it was indeed jackie who played 'uncle fester' in 62 episodes of 'the addams family', i refuse to believe it.

photos: jackie looking at chaplin with eyes of pure love/jackie/ wearing great clothes in the film 'buttons'

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nipper said...

really!! uncle fester! never knew! thanks pal.