Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the s word

when i saw this photo i was reminded once again that my favorite performance is david hemmings in the 1966 antonioni film 'blow-up.'

after seeing cillian murphy in 'breakfast on pluto' i was telling everyone to go and see it. i melt watching steve mcqueen in anything, including candid shots of him standing in his socks in front of a refrigerator. but when it comes right down to it, hemmings was as sexy as it gets as the hip and inquisitive photographer.

many aspects of the movie added to his allure. there was veruschka, his car, his job, and his dressing down to sleep among the down and outs in search of authentic images when he wasn't making money doing fashion work. clearly antonioni is a very seductive director, but it was the impeccable hemmings that kept me hanging in there during the scene of mimes playing tennis.

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