Thursday, August 5, 2010

literary lament

i agree with elizabeth taylor that while she is alive she ought to be the one to play herself in a movie about her life with burton. even if neither of us seems to be taking her present age into consideration, there simply is no good reason to make the film. especially when 'furious love', the book the soon to be made film is based on, is such a great read.

the casting is half over. jolie will wear the diamonds. i would bet my 1st edition copy of patti smith's poetry book, 'seventh heaven' that brad pitt's gal will not be willing to gain one ounce for those many occasions when liz was too plump.

photo: elizabeth curls up with a play by her beloved friend tennessee williams, whose writing she adored.

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nipper said...

who do you think would be comparable to play her part? there can never be a substitute for the great liz.
but if i had to think of an actress to play her i would pick natalie portman and peter sarsgaard as richard.