Saturday, July 10, 2010


actress jeanne crain was just too pretty for her own good. clearly hollywood knew what to do with stunning people but like in the film 'leave her to heaven', jeanne was cast as gene tierney's adopted kid sister who could NEVER hold a candle to her. gene was an ice queen and jeanne was simply a very cool gal. they were both beautiful but unlike the powerfully pretty carole lombard, no one ever gave jeanne a chance to show off her other charms.

expect for elia kazan. in 1949's 'pinky' jeanne was cast as a fair skinned black woman who returns to her backward thinking hometown to face all the humiliation and ignorance one would regretfully expect. leave it to kazan to offer the world an unpretentious slice of the real world with a lovely human being so deep in the middle of all the mess that no one even bothers to notice that she is as pretty as lombard. but without the comic genius!

photos: crazy pretty, right?/jeanne crain with ethel waters. they were both nominated for oscars for this movie.

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