Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i was so alone and then...

Grusinskaya: Who are you?
Baron Felix von Geigern: Someone who could love you, that's all. Someone who's forgotten everything else but you.
Grusinskaya: You could love me?
Baron Felix von Geigern: I've never seen anything in my life as beautiful as you are.

garbo and barrymore. two people, one word: magnificent. in 'grand hotel' he plays an impoverished baron who is now a hotel thief. she is the unhappy ballerina fearing that her glory days are over. one night he sneaks into her room to steal her pearls, gets accidentally locked in and reveals himself to her upon witnessing her contemplate suicide. such is the stuff cinema dreams are made of. when garbo falls in love it is like the sun coming out all over the world at once.