Sunday, June 6, 2010

she of the impossible size

i recently watched a clip of heidi montag (post costmetic surgeries) sitting with her mom. when her mom asked if she was trying to look like a barbi doll, heidi responded by asking, 'why wouldn't i want to look like a barbie?' okay!

since her debut in 1959, this one tall drink of water fashion doll has crept into the consiousness of society. women of all ages still have barbie as a role model, whether they admit it or not. the documentary on this unrealistically formed toy is pretty interesting. i do not know why i was surprised that the home of barbie's creator was tacky. 'barbie nation' may not have won any oscars but it still is good to see where we all went a bit wrong.

a colon therapist told me that she once dislodged a barbie shoe from an intestine. it had been there for decades!

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