Friday, June 11, 2010

the look of love

it's hard to think of elizabeth taylor's career taking a dive as she is just such a glorious presence. after her dream decade with richard burton, in which they did six films together, she did begin to fade from the big picture. her magical beauty transcended many movies that were not so great and her love story with the impossibly intense and proud welsh actor was stuff of legend. richard and elizabeth were married for ten years, divorced for one, and remarried for one more before their bubble finally burst.

painting: “A Young Couple in an Inn” painted by David Teniers the Younger around 1667. the burton's drank together from the moment they fell in love on the set of 'cleopatra.' oh, demon alcohol.

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nipper said...

so sad but so historic, there is sometimes no way of
'taming the shrew' from etoh.