Saturday, June 19, 2010

deep breath

i recently discovered the suspense station on my satellite radio. my long drives are way more fun now. stories, plays, even orson welles spooking my mind with every syllable. it is so easy to envision families gathered round their huge radios in the '40's listening to a cliffhanger. it is far more thrilling that a movie.

that said, in 'sudden fear' when joan crawford realizes that her husband, who has been trying to kill her, is about to accidentally run over his girlfriend (thinking it is joan cause they wear the same exact coat) it is pretty tense. no one screams quite as well as crawford screams.

how can anyone be in love with a character played by jack palance? he radiates 'psycho tuna' like no tomorrow. in this movie both joan and bad to the bone gloria grahame are great, one gullible, the other as cut throat as her man. fun!

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