Friday, May 14, 2010

murphy does it for me

as you know, cillian murphy is number one in my book, that book of living actors which is a very slim volume. while watching 'peacock' i wondered who i could share it with. i found the film to be beautifully acted (murphy, ellen page, sarandon), insightful, and sympathetic. the more people aim to reveal the inner workings of anti social souls the better it is for everyone. knowledge rules.
cillian's 'john' is painfully withdrawn. his way of coping was the basis for this tale of split personality, secrecy, and the consequences of both.

photos: unknown/sarandon 'i met your wife!' and unmarried 'john' (murphy) from 'peacock'


nipper said...

just got my dvd in the mail. can't wait to bunker down and watch 'peacocks' thanks for the lead pal!

Kaight said...

just watched this based on your post. can't believe I missed this one! thank you for the rec. I love it and you're right: Cillian Murphy IS amazing!