Monday, April 26, 2010

staying power

meryl streep is the bob dylan of her field. cate blanchett may have played him in a film but it is meryl who gets to drag around that lovely ball and chain labeled 'best actress alive.' i doubt it worries her. even though she has probably shined bright in over fifty films, it is only one movie that comes to mind when i think of this actress. 'sophie's choice' was unreal magnificent and kevin kline was as wonderful as his leading lady.
meryl coninues to stay hip and the proof is in the fact that her recent film had a beach boys track included! 'wouldn't it be nice' is one of those songs that remains, like meryl, relevant.

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nipper said...

beautifully put pal!! love 'sophie's choice' and everything and everybody you mentioned!! tragic yet so emotional!