Friday, April 16, 2010

racy happy endings

for 23 years actress claudette colbert did nothing but star in films. from her first role in 1927 she was the lead. the dvd for 1951's 'let's make it legal' may have marilyn monroe on the cover but it was colbert who played the lead. icons always end up winning that particular battle.
the 30's film, 'torch singer' just came out with five other pre-code titles. in this rags to riches tale claudette plays a young unwed mother who has no choice but to give her baby up for adoption. in the scene where the nurse first shows claudette her baby i was very moved. it was not only a beautiful baby but it was truly a newborn.
in every scene this actress gives what she's got and she had lots to give. it is no surprise she started right at the top. the woman had cheekbones forever and absolute know how on how to rock her wardrobe.

bottom image from 'torch singer'

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