Friday, April 9, 2010

a queen

'William Holden was considered to be too lightweight for the lead role in Golden Boy (1939), but Stanwyck urged producers to keep him in the picture and it was through her efforts he was kept in the picture, and the role made him a star. In 1978, at the The 50th Annual Academy Awards, before starting the presentation of the sound award, Holden publicly thanked her for what she did. She nearly broke down in tears and kissed Holden, and the exchange received thunderous audience applause.'- lovely anecdote.

an adorable cyd charisse had some great scenes with barbara stanwyck in 'east side west side.' at one point she tells barbara what her own boyfriend thought after meeting stanwyck's 'jessie.' he said, 'what a dame!' cyd delivered that line without a shred of jealousy.

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nipper said...

what a transaction of emotion just thinking of william and barbara being together. 'golden moments'