Friday, April 30, 2010

first crush

i fell in love with the name and then every single work of art i discovered signed by that name which was always accompanied by a little star. jean cocteau paved the way for 'all things poetic' and i recognize his influence immediately.

from his first film, 'blood of a poet' he invited the world into his imagination. there is not one area of creativity he did not explore and nourish. poet, painter, novelist, filmmaker, screenwriter, and admitted opium smoker, the tall thin man with manners to spare left a legacy of exquisite work behind.

in his own way he was the warhol of his time, an individual who knew every artist and collaborated with many of them. talented, refined, yet unconventional makes for a seriously good cocktail.

photos: unknown/cocteau's 'blood of a poet'

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nipper said...

wonderful synopsis of cocteau's essence via pal