Sunday, April 4, 2010

the ballad of greta and nils

great garbo and nils asther made two silent films together. the first was called 'wild orchids' although a better title would have been 'the clueless husband.' greta plays a young woman who is very attentive to her older spouse. while on a sea voyage to java they encounter the most handsome man in the world.
throughout the lavish film the husband encourages his wife to dance and make friends with their new acquaintance while he pursues business.

greta is at her most stunning in this movie. actor nils asther's beauty is perfectly offset by his intense emotions which succeed in breaking through the sound barrier.

the follow up was called 'the single standard.' part of the charm of this film has to do with the fact that is many scenes garbo and nils dress alike, thanks to designer genius adrian. nils has an interesting role and the movie has a very contemporary look. once again, nils resides just outside greta's married life.

two films, one theme: virtue slips but is ultimately triumphant. in real life nils proposed to garbo three times.

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nipper said...

what a beautiful couple!