Friday, March 26, 2010

true friends

“Monty would take Elizabeth to Camillo’s Restaurant, one of his favorite Italian restaurants. They would sit in the back very quietly and talk till the place closed. One night they remained until long after the last customer had left. The owner, Lawton Carver, suddenly got an urge to paint the dining room, so he came over their table and said, ‘you kids just sit there if you want, I’m going to paint.’

“To his surprise, Monty and Elizabeth took of their shoes, picked up brushes and proceeded to paint the walls. They stayed till three in the morning, Carver said. ‘We had an awful good time talking and painting up a storm.’”

- Montgomery Clift, by Patricia Bosworth

great sweater!

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nipper said...

i would have given my wings as a fly on the wall to have been there for the conversations and the painting