Monday, March 8, 2010

sand in my socks

last night i began watching 'lawrence of arabia.' this is going to take many nights. it is sublimely stunning visually. actor peter o'toole can charm the chipmunks from their burrows. the story is epic, involves civil unrest in the desert, and like the deep wells that seem to appear out of nowhere, the battles are strategically broken up by intimacy. still, there is a lot to take in.

the concept of 'my well' seems crazy considering people and their camels will die for need of water, but it soon becomes very clear that the 'well' is about all one could 'own' in those parts at that time.

methinks t.e. lived a highly uncommon life and left a treasury of knowledge in the form of friendships (he aided churchill) and books. his autobiography was self published. his life was fearless.

photo taken of t.e. lawrence taken india in the 1920's.

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