Wednesday, March 31, 2010

a lousy lesson of life

far be it from me to take any thunder from 'on the waterfront.' marlon, eva marie, and elia kazan created a masterwork that deserves all the endless praise it shall continue to receive. however, a mere three years later director martin ritt also gave lovers of brutally honest cinema a treat. Edge of the City (1957) stars a beautifully shy john cassavetes, a sincerely happy go lucky philosophic sidney poitier and a mean son a a gun played by jack warden.

even though the passionate dynamic brando shared with eva marie saint is not duplicated here, there is plenty of the same frustrating injustice to arouse one's ire. the acting is exceptional. the adorable ruby dee shines as sidney's adored spouse and cassavetes is, well, so dang young!

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