Saturday, March 20, 2010

i've got your back

i know school days can be destroyed by worse people than uptight teachers. as a grown up i can watch a 15 year old bully in a film and think to myself how easy it would be to turn them upside down, shake out their insecurities, and make them face the fact that we are all indeed quite insignificant in the face of the very big picture that awaits us all after we outgrow recess.

sadly, the truth is some people never grow up and wishing for anyone to crash big time is a waste of wish time. in 1980's 'the bodyguard' actor matt dillon was given the task of stepping up to the role of weak, threatening, cowardly creep. beautiful black eyes aside, he really was a drag! what is really touching about his film is the lack of 'rock soundtrack' and even if the entire scenario is nothing new, it is a lovely look at how two outcasts come together.

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