Tuesday, March 9, 2010

creepy but....

as soon as i saw this amazing photograph i recalled seeing a film called 'spider.' it is not uncommon for terrifically talented people to come together and create a nice little bummer. jeremy irons and genevieve bujold in 'dead ringers' and rod steiger in 'the pawnbroker' come to mind.

in 2002 the darling of all things upsetting, david cronenberg, unleashed this little pet. i will see anything with miranda richardson in it. hey! she was my gateway to 'the crying game' and that alone led to two trips to ireland, a place so beautiful it is downright laughable. here is the cast david assembled for 'spider':

Ralph Fiennes: (brilliant, disturbing, and handsome)
Miranda Richardson: (better than anyone)
Gabriel Byrne: (great and kind face)
Lynn Redgrave: (legend)

plus, beloved writer Patrick McGrath wrote the novel and screenplay.

not fun but sometimes it is just what we want to watch.

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