Thursday, February 4, 2010

paris soir

last night i watched the great new waver jean-luc godard's 'masuclin,feminin' for the first time. it is fresh and delightful, as it had to have been when it was released in 1966. part film reportage/part acted scenes, the beauty of the black and white is chock full of the kind of texture that cannot be captured today. the film is ripe with youth and ideals that never go out of fashion. there must have been references plenty that went over my head but i was left feeling very grateful for his bravery in creating cinema that was far and away beyond the telling of a story.
birth control, vietnam, pop records, love of people and cinema...... all wrapped up in heavenly monochrome.

photo: three's a crowd for jean-pierre leaud, beautiful brunette chantal goya and roomate.

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nipper said...

sounds really good!