Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It is 1896 in the Sahara. Two officers, André de Saint-Avit and Jean Morhange investigate the disappearance of their fellow officers. While doing so, they are drugged and kidnapped by a Tarqui warrior, the procurer for the monstrous Queen Antinea. Antinea, descendant of the rulers of Atlantis, has a cave wall with the 120 niches carved into it, one for each of her lovers. Only 53 have been filled; when all 120 have been filled, Antinea will sit atop a throne in the center of the cave and rest forever.

there's a plot. i had no idea what to expect. this epic masterpiece of silent cinema totally blew my little mind last night. breathtaking beauty non stop: the sahara desert where it was filmed, the players, the textures. as my friend susan would say, 'to die.'

directed in 1921 by jacques feyder. prepare for 160 minutes of pure visionary magic.

tender trivia: jacques chose his leading lady based on a dance performance of the reed slim actress. by the time filming began she was 30 pounds heavier! while watching the film i found her weight to be incredibly seductive and her smile to be one of the most irresistible ever.

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