Friday, February 26, 2010

include him out

farley granger is famously known as 'guy' from 'strangers on a train.' the brilliant performance given by that film's co-star, robert walker, would be enough to pull greatness out of anyone playing opposite him. farley granger was a wonderful actor who left the luxury of hollywood filmmaking, while still quite young, for the new york stage. the man had great success in that arena as well.
his autobiography 'include me out' is titled after an expression used by samuel goldwyn, the studio head who gave farley his start in films and the reason for farley's exit. yes, the actor slept with and befriended many beautiful actresses. his sex life is shared as well as his great love of music, food, and the theatre. his book is revealing yet always respectful. i wish i knew this beautiful man.

photo: farley today in his mid eighties.

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