Tuesday, February 16, 2010


though i rarely write about comedies i do love to laugh. my preference for the darkly black and white world of cinema has cracks in it's high walls that occasionally lets in the light which humor brings. last night i was cracking up.
it is possible that everyone adores audrey hepburn. she made great movies, gave of herself to the plight of suffering souls, and left a standard of style that has yet to be surpassed. audrey's own soul weighed a ton even if her slight frame did not. she is seriously missed.

i was familiar with the beautiful portrait of the two friends (audrey and shirley maclaine) whose livelihood/lives were destroyed by gossip. 'the children's hour' is an unforgettable film that is delicate, controversial, and stunningly acted. it was directed by wyler and though shot in black and white, willy must have seen great potential in audrey's huge chocolate colored eyes.

fast forward to 1966. not only did wyler bring on the color, he brought the house (in this case, museum) down with a riot of gorgeousness. 'how to steal a million' has irresistible performances by audrey and her thief, played by peter o'toole, who has enough charm in one fingernail to sweep one off one's feet. i thank everyone involved for this joyous tale of two people who had to fold their mutual skinniness into a closet to fall in love for our delight. laughter, love, and a most lavish display of talent.

photos: dream team of hepburn and o'toole/yes, purple carpeted stairs

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