Wednesday, January 20, 2010

what a boy

Bob Anderson was probably best known as playing the young George Bailey in the classic movie It's A Wonderful Life, with the famous scene of Bailey getting boxed in the ear by a drunk pharmacist. Anderson had roles in other movies, including A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, A Place in the Sun, and The Bishop's Wife.

i love this fella! i once photographed a close up of him while watching the classic james stewart film. this kid had such a cool voice too. it was a really great role and his performance was unforgettable.

top photo: gosh, look at this early image of nyc. this is the kind of pharmacy i would love to explore.


nipper said...

cutie bob anderson. i see roddy and elizabeth mixed together in this image of bob. is that wrong?

love the 'medicine show- apothecary photo': a lot of mixing and a clinking going on there.

pal shazar said...

sherry, i can see that.