Tuesday, January 5, 2010

turn it down

'There is nothing wrong with your television set.' what television set? the original 'outer limits' series is up on hulu.com. and leave it to me to be amazed by the effects. no matter how advanced things have become in the world of special effects, when i see someone disintegrate right before my eyes i am amazed. episode one of the series began with an insightful bang in 1963 with 'the galaxy being.' all the questions everyone still wants answered in the affirmative are asked by actor cliff robertson who spends too much time draining the power from his radio station in search of life elsewhere, much to the dismay of his wife. it is still a joy to see him communicate with an extra terrestrial via a screen where all communication is made clear by one flick of a little switch (which the camera lets you see!)
naturally the alien breaks free from the screen and roams the town. the scenes of his wandering through a pawn shop are truly poetic.

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